Joshai (thewhitemage) wrote,

A Moment's Respite

Today is July 3rd. It's about 7:25 in the morning as I write this. Although, you could figure that out by looking at the time of the entry. The thing is that tomorrow is July 4th, and I can't really seem to look at it with any sort of a stirring that even resembles emotion. You know, it's not really a big deal. I mean, the Fourth of July really isn't even one of those really big holiday's that people make much of a big deal about. Sure all the car dealerships and furniture outlets are going to have a big Fourth of July sale, and alot of places will not be open, but still there are other, bigger holidays that you'd probably not want to go without celebrating.

I usually end up spending my time on one of these slightly more minor holidays such as the Fourth doing absolutely nothing, so I should feel at least pleased that I will be doing something on the fourth, right? Well, I don't really. I don't feel much of anything at the moment. Besides a little bit of anticipation over a whole lot of things that are mostly nothing inparticular. Other than that though, I'm not feeling much emotion at all. It is a mood I get in. It may better be described, however, as a lack of a mood that I get in. As if my emotions kind of get together and look down upon my fairly plain life and tell me that not much is really going on at the moment, you know...nothing to get really excited about one way or the other, and are letting me know that they'll be taking the day off, then drift away before I get a chance to protest. So here I am, left alone to my musings, none of which inspire much out of my dull state, which I'm still not sure is better or worse than feeling depressed, since if I was, then at least I'd be feeling something.'s time to go do something productive today, or at least give it a sporting try.

As this is my first official journal entry, I must offer a sincere dedication.
This Entry, and this Journal in part, is dedicated to:
Josh McFarlane, for without him, this journal would at this moment not exist. Thanks for the code, my friend.
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