Joshai (thewhitemage) wrote,

Piteous Beings, These of Flesh and Bone

I ask myself. Why is this dilemma so common to mankind: this doubt, this suffering? Why is it that so many people are so incapable of knowing who they are? They might tell you they know themselves and even be sure of it. However, even those of great intelligence are subject to the mightiest foe humanity may ever know: doubt. It destroys men daily, changes them and tears them down, distorts their very core and when it relinquishes them, if ever, they are left altered, unrecognizable. Is this the evidence that change is inevitable? That one cannot die the same person that he or she was born? One might even contest that those whom retain a sameness throughout their life are simple, dull. Or maybe yet, could that be the excuse they would use to comfort themselves when they realize, with alarm, that they are now a different person than they used to be? Indeed, could it even be the weakness of man: that he finds it so hard to retain a true sense of 'self', that he gives himself up to the pressuring currents of the world and lets go, turning his head the other way, forgetting what he was as he sinks into the torrent. There, he calls the others the blind ones, the lost ones, when it is he who truly doubts himself - doubts what he has become.

Truly I was not meant for this world - this time, but I am here, and I can't change that, short of ending my existence, be that as it may the easier route. But, I've never been the type to have interest in taking the easier route. So, I refuse to stand still in fear of the weakness that so easily afflicts man, though that fear has inflicted great doubt upon me before. Though there have been so many times I have wanted to give in to the world, that I have wanted to let go of who I truly am, I won't let go, and I will stand steadfast as I strive for my goals with unwavering determination. I am who I am, and I will be damned if I compromise myself for anyone.

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