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What are you doing here?
I...I don't know.
That's right, you don't know. Do you even have a plan?
Yes, I do.
No you don't.
You're right...I really don't. I thought I had a plan.
That's right you, thought you had a plan. What happened to it?
I don't know that either. It was never a very solid or particularly good plan, I suppose.
Exactly. Why is that?
You know...a lot of things. Too many to mention. Or two many.
No, that's just an excuse. An old one.
Maybe, but excuses aren't necessarily untrue.
Yes, but how long will you hide behind that?
Am I hiding?
You're certainly using it to rationalize your failures.
Yes, I may be doing that. But things are hard.
Don't say that, it is another excuse!
But what else can I say?
Sometimes you have to act.
But there is such a torrential internal conflict within me..
It's as if I am constantly pushing against myself.
Now we may be getting somewhere.
No, I'm getting nowhere, and I can't stop myself from stopping myself!
Have you tried doing that? Maybe you've been pushing against yourself for so long, you've never tried to stop it.
I've never thought of it like that. It's a start.
No it is not. It is a thought. No realization can even do any good if it isn't acted upon -- if it is not implemented.
What happens once I've done that?
I cannot tell you that. You have to find out for yourself. Maybe once you stop pushing against yourself, you'll have time to take a look around.
Yes...that would be a start...
Yes, that would be a start.
A start...

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