Joshai (thewhitemage) wrote,

Master of Procrastination

Instead of working on my research paper, like I SHOULD be doing I'm sitting here on the Internet (an excellent tool of the average procrastinator). I'm also being annoyed about the fact that for the second time in recent history, someone has locked out my Hotmail e-mail address by attempting to access it with incorrect passwords. I find it unlikely that a person I know personally would do this, so I'm guessing it has to be someone from the Internet.

If anyone knows some effective methods of tracking IP addresses...let me know.

Also, I am watching an episode of "The True Life" about professional video gamers. One of the groups they are following is a group of female gamers who play Counter Strike. They ended up winning the female world tournament. The most surprising thing...all the members of the team were actually attractive. Every one...and not just kinda cute. They were actually what I'd consider fairly above average. Hmmm...attractive girl gamers; imagine that...

In other news...I miss two of my best friends. I also miss a few other friends that I have not spoken to or hung out with in awhile. I have been in a very dull mood lately...some might call it an unhappy mood. That's not new though. And I'm getting nowhere on that paper. Mostly because I'm not working on it...I'll have to try to rectify that...not now, though...soon.

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