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Last Saturday, my house was struck by lightning and burned down. Not entirely. I didn't lose much of my stuff really, since the fire mostly affected the upstairs floor. My parents lost almost all of their possessions. Water damage heavily affected the living room and kitchen.

On Saturday around three A.M., I was walking towards the kitchen when it hit with an ear shattering volume. Sparks flew from a fixture in the kitchen and some of the light switches buzzed with the excess electricity. I immediately ran to wake my mother and get her downstairs, then ran outside to see that the roof above my parents' room was, in fact, aflame. My mother was out of her mind at this news, and so I kept my cool and phoned 911, but not before I grabbed my cat and put her into my car and backed it out of the driveway to make room for firemen. There were other fires that night, so it took them awhile to get here. My sense of time during those long minutes was tenuous.

My mother meanwhile had called some family friends of ours, the Grippos. Both Anne and Rich Grippo are professors at ASU. My sister and I have both babysat for their children, Marisa and Adam, who are in 12th and 9th grade, respectively. The Grippos came immediately and took my mother back to their house while I watched the firemen put out the fire. I only was willing to leave once it was clear that the fire was under control and wouldn't burn down the entire house. After that, I drove with Anne in my car back to their house.

The insurance people came out in the morning, despite the fact that they usually don't work on weekends, and began moving the undamaged stuff out of the house. By Tuesday, we were moved into a nice little condo, which the insurance company is paying for. The have already begun the work on the house. It will be quite awhile before we will be back in our house.

So, I have limited access to the internet for now; I'm still working on getting the internet set up in the condo.
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