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Feelin' Like...

I feel like I've missed something in life. Somewhere in-between a)feeling like I'm on a road and at some point missed my turn off, and I just realized it, and b)feeling like at some point I just took a very long scenic road that will eventually lead me to a dead end, and in both scenarios, there is, of course, no way to turn back. It all comes down to perspective though, doesn't it? I can't see the road ahead, so maybe some one up far above me can, and maybe it will turn out all right. I really do hope it does.

I know of at least one person who might be able to understand how I feel. As a footnote, I know some people sometimes make these types of journal entries based on a single snapshot of emotion that has simply been expanded upon. This, mind you, is not one of those entries.

This Entry Is Dedicated To:
Skittles: the Green Bag. Forever will I miss thee.
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