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What?! *Reeling*

Hah! Whoa! I just now found out something I completely didn't know about my best friend. I had to find it out from her online Xanga (basically a live journal, if you did not know), though instead of from her mouth. It really sent me reeling simply because of how unexpected it was. It did that for a lot of other reasons too, though.

It kind of makes me question a lot of things. And I do mean a lot. None of it is too serious, but it still kind of changes things, albeit not pivotally, just...changes a lot of things, all in small ways. Right when you think you really know someone...

You know...sometimes I really hate things about myself even though I know that they might be some of my best qualities. /sigh

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My Bed...because that is where I'm going. Maybe a nap will help me feel better.
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