Joshai (thewhitemage) wrote,

Ten Miles To Nowhere

I'm in another one of THOSE moods. It's interesting really, it is when I'm in these types of moods (particularly the negative ones) that I am the most pensive and contemplative. Therefore, it is these moods that I feel most articulate and interested in recording something about my current mood. Now I really understand though why Rachel doesn't really like being in a pensive mood. Hah!

Today though, I'm feeling kind of under the weather. It slowly crept up on me though. I was in a pretty good mood earlier, ya know, but after I got home from dinner I just started feeling kind of more and more depressed. I don't really know why, even. It's really odd, if you ask me. I just can't place any real reason for why I should feel this way at this moment.

Do you think that such a thing as an empathetic link between two people is possible? Such an odd question, isn't it? One that's popped up in my mind recently. Maybe it is a stupid question, though. I for one though, wouldn't immediately discount something like that though, however I have a reason for that. I wouldn't call myself prone to believing in fairy tales of the super-natural, but I won't necessarily outright deny their possibility. In our world, there are so many people that do believe in the super-natural to greater or lesser degrees. Anyone who is religious in any way definitely does. However, despite that, most people are so immediate to disregard such things that don't easily fit into their perspective of reality. I am not most people though. That's why I feel that just maybe, such a thing could be possible. You might just call me crazy though...but you probably wouldn't be wholly incorrect though.

There is a certain song that I have recently been listening to. It always makes me think a lot about a certain person, while also making me feel hopeful, happy, sad, and peaceful all at the same time. I just listened to that, and I feel just a little bit better.

This entry is dedicated to:
The Ho Brothers, for without their movie, I would have never found that song.
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